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Meet Deanna: Communications Director for DRESS Syndrome Foundation

Updated: Mar 7

a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes smiles against a brick background
Communications Director Deanna Lorianni

Meet Deanna Lorianni!

Deanna joined our team in 2021 as Communications Director for DRESS Syndrome Foundation (DSF) and plays a pivotal role in ensuring smooth operations. Her steadfast organizational and leadership abilities serve as a guiding force and help us remain focused and proactive in our essential tasks for patient and community outreach.

Further, Deanna’s background in plain language is invaluable for effectively conveying our messages regarding DRESS’s intricate nature. In addition to her responsibilities of crafting and overseeing social media posts, newsletters, blogs, and external communications, Deanna consistently fosters team collaboration. Across our efforts, she motivates us to always deliver our best work for our community’s betterment.

In short, Deanna is the orchestra that keeps us in tune!

DSF: What do you appreciate about your role as Communications Director?

Deanna: I appreciate that I get to apply my communication expertise to help DRESS Syndrome patients and loved ones better understand this complex condition and overcome a challenging experience. Communication plays a key role in medical treatment and patient advocacy, and can often define the quality of care people receive. I’m honored that in my role I can play a part in helping to ensure patients and loved ones have the support they need.

DSF: What is something that inspires you in your work?

Deanna: One of my personal mantras is that language holds infinite power in our lives. To be responsible and caring (and engaging!) with that power is one of the most incredible strengths we can embrace.

a group of five people, four women and one man in the middle smile at the conference and stand in front of a glass door
The DRESS Syndrome Foundation team , Deanna Lorianni (left), Nancy Szakacsy, Chris Smith, Tasha Tolliver, Connie Stevens

DSF: What interests do you have outside of DSF?

Deanna: I am founder of the clear communication consultancy, Logophile, LLC, which specializes in plain language training and content creation. I’m also co-creating the accessible art book, Now / Between. The aim of this project is to design a better book that offers readers a multisensory experience and allows people of all visual abilities (low vision, blind, and those who read Braille) to enjoy the creative arts, specifically photography and poetry.

I’m personally an artist at heart who dabbles in creative writing (poetry, short fiction, screenplays, and more), music and performing, and drawing and watercolor. I’m also a nature and animal lover, and appreciate any chance to be in the great outdoors.

DSF: Anything else?

Deanna: Being part of the DRESS Syndrome Foundation’s leadership team — and helping to make a difference in people’s lives — inspires me daily. I’m grateful to be part of such a hardworking and passionate team whose main motivation is to help others.


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