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Learn more about DRESS Syndrome

We have robust resources to help you learn more about DRESS Syndrome. We also share guidance for how your medical team can diagnose and treat you or your loved one, among other important topics.


And keep up with us on social media where we share educational posts about DRESS (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).


Coach you on DRESS conversations

Knowing which questions to ask and the options available to you can be challenging when you or a loved one is experiencing DRESS. We’ll talk with you and guide you on how to best have productive conversations with your medical team.


Find a DRESS-aware doctor

Looking for a doctor who’s familiar with DRESS Syndrome? We can help connect you to medical professionals who are aware of DRESS. If we don’t know of a doctor in your specific area, we’ll tap into our network and do our best to help you find one.

Are you a DRESS–aware medical professional interested in joining our network? Get in touch.


Have an advocate

Sometimes, you may find that having an advocate to meet with your medical team can help you deepen the conversations you have. When appropriate, we’re happy to help talk with a doctor or another professional to support you during your DRESS event.

Connect with other DRESS patients

How We Can Help

We’re a nonprofit that provides medical advocacy and support for DRESS Syndrome patients and their loved ones. We also work to deepen medical research and awareness of DRESS.

We support DRESS patients nationwide and across the globe with an array of complimentary services and support. Our goal is to make sure you and your loved ones have the understanding and resources to overcome DRESS Syndrome.


Here are ways that we can help you!

As a rare disease, DRESS Syndrome can be isolating and confusing. We can connect you to other DRESS patients, loved ones of DRESS patients, and others who understand what you’re going through. They often can offer first-hand perspectives or simply give an encouraging voice when you need it most. Check out our Facebook group, The DRESS Syndrome Community.


Submit your case to patient surveys

We help connect patient cases to relevant research that aims to deepen the medical understanding of DRESS. Our current survey supports research about Vancomycin-induced DRESS Syndrome. Submit your case.

Listen to our podcast

We produce the only podcast focused solely on DRESS Syndrome. Currently, we have 11 episodes available with more topics in the works. Check out our episodes.

Need support?

We're ready to help you.


Email us today.

IMPORTANT: As a patient advocacy nonprofit, we’re happy to connect DRESS Syndrome patients and loved ones to medical resources and information they need during their diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. However, we're not able to offer any financial assistance. Any associated medical costs are the patient’s responsibility.

What Our Patients Say


Soon Fuller, patient

The DRESS Syndrome Foundation gave me a new family — an incredibly supportive community. And I don't know where I'd be today without that.

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