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What is National DRESS Syndrome Day?

Each year, we recognize this holiday worldwide to build awareness of DRESS Syndrome and honor patients who’ve experienced this horrific illness. Our goal is to unite our global community — patients, loved ones, and medical and research professionals — while recognizing those whose lives have forever changed.

Our 2023 theme: DRESS/smarter

The past year saw positive developments in DRESS Syndrome research and awareness. In our 2023 campaign, we recognized the strides we’re making in better understanding DRESS and treating and caring for patients.

Hear From Our Founders

Tasha Tolliver
Executive Director & Founder

Nancy Szakacsy

Hear From Doctors

Learn what the medical community is saying about positive developments in DRESS Syndrome research and awareness:

Dr. Elizabeth J. Phillips
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Dr. Jason Trubiano
University of Melbourne, Australia

Dr. Caroline Nelson
Yale School of Medicine

Hear From Patients

Learn from patients why DRESS Syndrome awareness matters:

Shaquita Bell
DRESS Syndrome Patient

Kaily Barbre
DRESS Syndrome Patient

Keep Fostering Awareness

Small acts can create ripple effects on better understanding DRESS Syndrome. Here are ways you can help keep promoting DRESS Syndrome awareness:

  • Download our awareness ribbon

Spread the word about DRESS Syndrome by downloading and sharing the awareness ribbon. Use it in artwork and designs. Post on social media. Share why raising awareness matters to you.

  • Register your case

DRESS Awareness Ribbon-2.png

Registering your case is another way you can help the medical and research communities better understand this relatively unknown disease. Register with us.

In Memoriam Video

Most people will recover from their DRESS reaction. However, 10% of people die from this disease. Join us in honoring the individuals from around the world who lost their battle with DRESS Syndrome — as well as everyone who is unspoken and unnamed.

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