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By Joi Fultz, CBS 6 News Richmond WTVR

This news story features 12-year-old Christian Nash of Richmond, Va., who's also a DRESS Syndrome Foundation patient. Learn how DRESS Syndrome affected his health and how you can help him and his family.

Nancy Szakacsy of The D.R.E.S.S. Syndrome Foundation and author of "Hannah Was Here" joins the Life is a Ride podcast to discuss the death of her daughter Hannah from an adverse reaction to a commonly prescribed prescription drug. After Hannah tragically died from Minocycline induced D.R.E.S.S. with multiple organ failure and myocarditis in 2011, Nancy became determined to create awareness of this horrific illness and the dangers of certain medications.  

This episode is produced by AJ Joseph. The song "Life is a Ride" is by Paul Sanchez, Alex McMurray and Chris Joseph.

Radio IQ/Virginia Public Radio: A Virginia Mom Turns Tragedy to Public Service
A story of fatal DRESS induced by an antibiotic for acne treatment.

"The loss of a child brings terrible grief for parents, but it can also spur important actions that could benefit the rest of us.  This next story involves a Richmond family whose teenaged daughter died of a disease they’d never heard of.  Today, they’re crusading to educate doctors and the public. " 

No DRESS rehearsal for life-or-death decision.

Yale University/YaleNews: Dr. Brett King

 He went to the dermatologist for a minor condition - his life changed forever.

WWL-TV/New Orleans. Kirt's battle with D.R.E.S.S.

By Charisse Gibson

 Adversity in abundance: Soccer season was supposed to be an escape for Kolby Hayes.

By Miles Englehart, Gillette News Record. Kolby's story

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