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2023 DRESS Hero Nominations open

DRESS Hero is our annual awards event that celebrates medical professionals from around the world who excel at providing treatment and care for DRESS Syndrome patients.

Open worldwide, DRESS Syndrome patients and loved ones can nominate more than one medical professional. They can be doctors, dermatologists, pharmacists, surgeons, or another medical professional who made a significant difference in your or a loved one's diagnosis and treatment of DRESS Syndrome.

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In our 2nd DRESS Heroes awards event, individuals in our patient community nominated professionals who they feel made a difference in their or their loved one's life during their DRESS experience. From Argentina to France to the US and beyond, nominations came in from around the world and included doctors, dermatologists, and more!


Here's an example of how one doctor made a difference for a DRESS patient:

“They saved my life! I had been misdiagnosed and had gone to the ER 5 times before my case came before Dr. Coleman. He knew immediately I had DRESS Syndrome and how to treat it. He stayed on top of my case, saw me every week, and even provided his after-hours phone number. Dr. Coleman is what all doctors should strive to be like.”

– nominated by Jennifer Lorenz, USA

Dr. Collin Blattner


Clearchoice Dermatoglogy

Oregon, USA

Dr. David Coleman


Henry Ford Hospital

Michigan, USA

Dr. Les Gavora


Inova Medical Group

Virginia, USA

Dr. Brad Graham


US Dermatology Partners

Texas, USA

Dr. Carol Latouff


Lauderdale Academic Dermatology

Florida, USA

Dr. Eliza Notaro


The Polyclinic Madison Center

Washington, USA

Dr. James Treat

Pediatric Dermatologist

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Pennsylvania, USA

Dra. María Cecilia Cavallo


San Martin Hospital

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dr. Vincent Descamps


Assitance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris

Paris, France

Dr. Emily Gottenborg


UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital

Colorado, USA

Dr. Serena Gundy


Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation

Ontario, Canada

Dr. Anne Maitland


Metrodora Institute

Utah, USA

Dr. Aileen Tlamsa


Leonia Medical Associates

New Jersey, USA

Dr. Marsha Soni


Infectious Diseases Specialists of Virginia, LLC

Virginia, USA

Melody Wilkinson

Nurse Practitioner

Georgetown University

Washington, DC; USA

Announcing our 2023 DRESS Heroes

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