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Meet Christopher — Technology Consultant for DRESS Syndrome Foundation

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Meet Christopher A. Smith!

man smiles wearing glasses and a suit with no tie and a pink checkered shirt
Christopher A. Smith, Technology Consultant

Christopher has been part of the DRESS Syndrome Foundation (DSF) family since we founded our nonprofit — and even before we officially organized. He serves as our team's Technology Consultant, helping ensure that every step of our tech supports our operations.

As a technology expert, Christopher is not your average guy. He is vital in helping us bring our message to the patient community and medical providers with operational efficiency. While his gracious and giving spirit are his leading qualities, Christopher's knowledge of technology and creative problem-solving have allowed us to do what would otherwise be very challenging.

Further, he was instrumental in setting up and supporting us to bring the first global DRESS Syndrome conference to life. And Christopher is always available to troubleshoot tech issues and formulate ideas that help us grow and succeed at our mission.

DSF: What do you appreciate about your role as Technology Consultant?

Christopher: I enjoy the opportunity to work with great people. DSF: What is something that inspires you in your work?

Christopher: I love that technology it is an ever-growing field. There are always new things to learn and explore. I enjoy sharing what I learn with others.

DSF: What interests do you have outside of DSF?

Christopher: I enjoy photography and traveling, and recently, I have been connecting with celebrities that inspired my childhood and young adult years. I recently traveled to the Nashville area to meet the cast of Dukes of Hazzard. Seeing “Bo, Luke, and Daisy Duke” was a childhood dream come true.

DSF: Anything else?

Christopher: I have always felt the call to help others in anyway that I can. That is what connected me with Tasha Tolliver (DSF Executive Director) and her husband, Raymond McKinney (DSF Board Treasurer). After losing their daughter, Izzy, to DRESS Syndrome,

I knew that Tasha and Raymond were going to need a lot of support.

five people lock arms in a row standing and smiling
DRESS Syndrome Foundation team (left) Deanna Lorianni, Nancy Szakacsy, Christopher A. Smith, Tasha Tolliver, Connie Stevens


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