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Meet Allie, Our 2023 Summer Intern Supporting DRESS Syndrome Awareness

A woman  in her young 20s with brown hair smiling
Allie Crocker, 2023 summer intern for DRESS Syndrome Foundation (DSF)

This past summer, we were lucky to have Allie Crocker join our team on a variety of projects in support of our mission in helping DRESS Syndrome patients and loved ones.

As a junior at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA, she’s a Public Health/Government major who’s also pursuing a legal studies certificate. In addition, she’s a Resident Advisor, a member of her House Government, active in an Alumni program, and a new member of Mock Trial.

And Allie is no stranger to nonprofit work. In 2015, she and her sister founded Fighting H.A.R.D Foundation, a nonprofit with the mission to help kids with rare diseases and chronic illnesses know they’re not alone.

Needless to say, Allie is a go-getter who knows how to work hard — and does so with a vibrant smile and enthusiasm.

This past summer, Allie supported our DRESS Syndrome communications with dedication and skill. Here’s a quick Q&A with Allie about her experience!

DSF: What did you enjoy your internship?

Allie: I enjoyed working with a fantastic team of professionals who are so passionate about the work they are doing. Learning how to apply my skills to real-world issues and tasks like press releases and research was incredibly beneficial for me. I particularly appreciated the way I got to learn about how DRESS Syndrome Foundation (DSF) got started and the ways the Foundation has grown over the years.

DSF: What did you learn?

Allie: Through this internship, I learned about DRESS Syndrome and the ways it can manifest differently in each patient. I also learned about communicating with professionals in the medical field to gain clinical perspectives and tangible skills like writing different kinds of material for publication.

DSF: How did your internship support your education and career goals?

Allie: I was connected to DSF through one of my [college] professors, Heather Hoffmann, who noticed my interest in nonprofit organizations and in underrepresented patient populations. This internship allowed me to further explore both of these topics simultaneously and to reinforce my passion for public health. The skills I have learned will help me succeed in any path I choose, which I appreciate so much as an undergraduate student.

DSF: Anything else you’d like to say?

Allie: I am so grateful for the opportunity to have interned with DSF! This is an amazing group of people who are truly looking to do good. I hope that I contributed in a small way to DRESS Syndrome awareness and that I can continue to support the Foundation going forward!

We thoroughly enjoyed having Allie on our team and know that whatever she puts her mind to, she'll succeed. Thanks for all the great work, Allie. 😊


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