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Paul's DRESS Story

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Paul was diagnosed with DRESS in December 2019, at age 11. 
He became ill so quickly. Within hours he was “ok” and then he was not expected to survive. They told me, Mama, he wasn’t going to make it. He was life-flighted via fixed-wing jet to Portland OHSU PICU.

Infectious Disease diagnosed him with meningococcemia, life threatening sepsis and Dermatology said DRESS syndrome (Drug Rash with Eosinophilia and Systemic Symptoms): a very rare (only 1/10,000 drug reactions are this severe) severe hypersensitivity reaction that causes organ failure, caused by the antibiotics he was on for his infected toe the week before. 
He was not expected to survive. He had an extremely low white count, was in total kidney failure and his liver had stopped working. With lots of medical support, (including 27 “pokes” for IVs and bloodwork) and then extreme IV medications, his numbers are started to trend upwards now.

Scariest week of this Mamas life. I still stuggle with anxiety every time he needs a medication. I still have a hard time entering the hospital. 
He continues to struggle with ongoing medical problems as a result. At 13, he completed 7th grade, online, with a 4.0! He is the strongest teen I know.

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