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Braelyn is a 7-year-old girl who was diagnosed with DRESS Syndrome after starting three anti-seizure medications. It all started with rashes, high fevers, and several misdiagnoses.

Once Braelyn was finally transferred to Loyola Medical Center (Maywood, IL), the doctors immediately diagnosed her with DRESS Syndrome. She was in the hospital for 22 days, 13 of which were in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Here she experienced head-to-toe rashes (severely itchy), enflamed organs, a liter and 1/2 of fluid on her lungs that required draining with a chest tube, high fevers (up to 106.9), two blood transfusions, IVIG, plasma, and a bunch of other things that no 7-year old should have to go through. 

After a month and a half out of the hospital, Braelyn continues to improve. She has physical and occupational therapy four times


weekly to regain her strength. However, she still has inflamed organs and a distended abdomen. In addition, she is on oral steroids and several other medications that compromise her immune system. Because she is often separated from her family and friends, Braelyn is experiencing behavioral changes and a decline in her social skills. On DRESS Syndrome Day, we wanted to share Braelyn's story in hopes that it might help some other child or adult who is going through the same thing. We also wish to spread awareness to everyone. For those of you who are dealing with this Syndrome, we encourage you to keep fighting, and our prayers are with you!!!

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