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Communications Director

Deanna Lorianni

Deanna Lorianni is the communications director for the DRESS Syndrome Foundation and joined our team in 2021. She is a plain language expert, writing trainer, and communication strategist. She is passionate about the power of language and the role it can play in connecting people and improving lives. 

As Communications Director, Deanna brings over 15 years of experience in communication strategy and content creation to our team. With clarity as her goal, she's well-versed at turning complex information into clear, actionable content. She's worked with global corporations, public and private organizations, and nonprofits to boost their communication clarity and brand messaging. Deanna has presented at conferences worldwide on topics such as plain language, verbal branding, and communication accessibility. Her plain


language expertise is integral in helping to ensure that all DRESS-related content is clear and easy for patients and their loved ones to understand and use.


Deanna holds a bachelor's degree in English with focuses in linguistics and creative writing from Virginia Commonwealth University, and a certificate in adult teaching from the University of Richmond. Our mission is also close to Deanna’s heart, as she was once a nanny for Izzy McKinney, whom this Foundation honors. She lives in Richmond, Virginia, with her husband, toddler son, and two dogs. Deanna’s a creative writer, performance artist, and nature lover who loves any chance to be in the great outdoors.

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