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Laura Sollier

Laura, who lives in Argentina, faced a challenging health experience in 2020 when she developed Zolpidem-induced DRESS syndrome. Along with a rash, liver injury, and trouble walking, she had a long and difficult recovery, requiring a seven-month withdrawal from steroids. Despite her struggles, this experience made her appreciate life in new ways.


Having lived with atopic eczema since childhood, Laura was inspired to become an active member of a nonprofit for eczema patients and caregivers. Through her involvement, Laura found an inclusive community where she could share her experiences and support others facing similar challenges. Her desire to connect with others who have undergone similar experiences motivates her to seek out a support network for DRESS patients in Argentina, where no organized association currently exists. 


Laura hopes to extend her support to other patients who have endured DRESS and reassure them that they are not alone in their journey. In addition to her advocacy work, Laura is an English, foreign language teacher who loves dancing tango and salsa.

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