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Robert Dillon

Robert lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is the proud father of two girls, ages 31 and 28. He graduated from the University of Tennessee and the University of Las Vegas.


In 2023, Robert's life was significantly altered when he was diagnosed with DRESS Syndrome, caused by Lamotrigine (Lamictal). His illness was a challenging journey, including hospitalization for an entire month, accompanied by symptoms such as a 104°F fever, a full-body rash, facial swelling, hair loss, thrush, substantial weight loss, and severe depression.


Robert's battle against DRESS syndrome involved multiple medical procedures, including blood work, MRIs, CAT scans, and ultrasounds, as the syndrome also attacked his kidneys, liver, and lymph nodes. The recovery phase wasn't easy either, as he continued to take prednisone and had to endure body peeling and redness for about six weeks. 


Determined to overcome this adversity, Robert is currently weaning off prednisone and taking positive strides toward recovery, with his strength gradually returning. Knowing how challenging DRESS can be, Robert hopes to raise awareness by sharing his story and supporting others experiencing DRESS. Robert is driven to offer hope to those facing similar battles, having personally experienced the despair associated with his DRESS diagnosis.

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